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The Week That Was: First For 2013

January 11, 2013

This is a bit of a bumper edition due to me not doing any ‘weeks that was’ for the last few weeks. I didn’t take many at Christmas, not sure why…whoops!

Before Kitchen

Firstly here is the kitchen my 3 year old son received for Christmas. Yes son. My 7 year said, “It’s a girl’s kitchen!” Well yes maybe, but the colours really shouldn’t matter, just what the toy can do. Poor old Santa got this one a little wrong so we helped him out a bit….

After Kitchen

And went to Bunnings, got some Jellybean contact paper – for the back splash, Blue paint for the roof and side and Blackboard paint for the fridge door. Around $15 in supplies and not much effort I think it looks pretty good. Oh and he loves it, loves tinkering around in it. There really should be more affordable unisex colour kitchens around…

Birthday Photos

It was someone’s birthday on the 29th December… I was very spoilt and got shouted for a very yummy gluten free breakfast, got lots of cards, very thoughtful gifts and a yummy cake I actually made myself! It’s an ice cream cake and didn’t require much effort but next week I plan on sharing the little afternoon tea I had and the food I made.

My brother-in-law and his wife bought me a gluten free hamper FULL of goodies. It’s the picture in the middle on the right. Next to it is the cake and below are 2 more presents, lots of gluten free beer, which is a wonderful gift and that stuff is pricey! And gorgeous platter, cheese knives and a willow figurine. All gorgeous stuff and as I said – spoilt.


The boys and I did some post Christmas shopping and come across Daiso at Highpoint. Daiso is a great shop, full of little goodies and they are $2.80 per item.

Daiso For Sale

Here is a small sample of the goodies they had, these are Bento items. Daiso is Japanese so the whole store has Japanese items. Also lots of sizes of baskets, good for the organisational buffs among us.

Daiso Purchase

I only bought 3 things! Couldn’t decide what to get and having 2 boys with me didn’t help. 2 baskets with magnets, great for the fridge or magnetic white board and some food picks for lunches. I plan on taking Bento’s up a notch this year and yes I shall share pictures when I do.
JournalJournal Page

The first of the year also meant I could start making enteries in my ‘Q & A a Day – 5 year Journal’ it is a book that a has a question for every day of the year, then you write your answer to it in a few lines and then once this year is finished you go back to the start and write in for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year. So cool to see how different the answers will be.

I got mine in the States last year at Barnes and Noble and I see there is a kids version! I think I’ll get that for oldest this year, that would be so cool…  but for the Aussies you can get it on Book Depository with free delivery. Oh and I am sure yours will come without the coffee stains…


Thought I’d share these labels I picked up. Got them for around $3 from Big W and they are labels already done, handy for those that don’t have a label maker. There were a few different fonts and also some ABC ones.


Can you see what the boys are wearing? Jeans and a jumper! We have had our share of crazy weather, extreme highs and silly lows. Still didn’t stop us having a fun  morning at the park.


One of those crazy hot days was spent inside in the air conditioning, play doh was the order of the day.

Bulldogs Gear

Hubby and the boys follow the Western Bulldogs and there is great excitement when the supporter packs arrive. Can never get away from football. This pack is the ‘Toddler Bulldog’ pack for our 3 year old.

Elect Notice

You never realise how much you rely on electricity when it is taken away from your for 6 hours… at least they warned us.

hot tempAs I said, really hot weather, this was last Friday, shocking hot day. Hope everyone affected by the weather is keeping safe and cool.

And that’s it from me, how have the first 2 weeks of the new year been for you?

 and just a little note: nothing here I was asked or paid to write about or promote. 
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  1. Mary Preston
    January 13, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Busy times.

    Daiso sounds like a store I could have a lot of fun in.

    • nellbe
      January 17, 2013 at 5:25 am

      it is such a great store!

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