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The Week That Was: Last Days of School Holidays

February 1, 2013

It has been an eventful week, we have had grass fire scares, Australia Day, weekend away and school back.

Angry Birds

First was the last week of school holidays, a shopping centre close to us has school holiday programs, usually for free. This week they had Angry Birds life size games, my boys loved it! That’s them in the roped off area playing, very hard to get a decent shot.


We also went along to a Social Mums Say event, which I have posted about here. The boys loved it – lots of activities for them.


We live a couple of blocks towards this smoke! Argh! It looks close but this one was 20 kms away. There was another one after this that was closer – 10 kms and we were advised to put our fire plan into action – scary stuff! Especially as we live in suburbia and they both were deliberately lit.


Awww… don’t you love this? Big brother reading to little brother at the library – so cute!

Flying Fox

We went away Australia Day weekend and there was a huge park where we went. Here is hubby helping our youngest fly the flying fox. Both boys loved this thing! I think hubby did too!


We were went was along the Murray River – here is a view from the pool area. The Murray is there somewhere.


And here is the pool with all 3 of my boys in it – having a blast!


One of the best things about visiting the country is the views. We watched the moon rise this particular night, so gorgeous. We also saw kangaroo’s hop along that ground, too fast for a photo though.


And ending the week with another cute brotherly love shot, this time it’s playing the iPad but I still love that they are sharing and happy in each other’s company.

Hope you had a good week and my Qld friends, hope you are all ok after the floods.

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  1. Mary Preston
    February 2, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    Hi from QLD. We are drying out thank you. I seem to keep finding dried up mud everywhere though.

    • nellbe
      February 3, 2013 at 12:30 pm

      Hope you have dried out Mary and it doesn’t happen again!

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