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School Memory Book – What I Am Using plus List of Others

February 12, 2013

Got the uniforms? Check

Got the lunchbox? Check

All ready for school? Check

All ready at school? Check

One thing you might have not thought of is a way to collate and record school memories. It takes as much effort as you want to put into it. For my sons, I have the School Memory Album which I got at Target for $10 and is rare as hen’s teeth. It has Kindergarten to Year 12 pages that we fill in and a pocket that a few pieces of memorabilia goes. It is the 3rd year of official school for my eldest and so far it has worked well.

School Memory Book

As I said, this Target book is very hard to find and I doubt it’s on the shelf anymore, so I collate a few different School Memory Books I have seen during the year that could work for you and your child.

The Smile File Kit – this looks interesting and an attractive way to keep more details, photos and memorabilia. At $89 it is an investment but looks like a fun way to preserve memories.

Identity Direct has a  School Years Book that is from Kinder to Year 12 for $29.99

I love the book ‘My School Days‘  from Milestone Press, it’s $36.95

Kikki-k have one coming soon called ‘My School Years’ priced at $29.95

USA friends I found one on Barnes and Noble that looked okay too, plus there is many more  if you do a search

If you are handy and want to make something yourself then there are a few ideas I have seen.

Martha Stewart shows how to make a School Memory Book

Becky Higgins has an amazing array of Project Life products now with a Childhood Kit coming out soon, she also still has the free printable to download for you to create your own school memory folder. Just scroll down the page to ‘just for kids’ and ‘personal yearbook’

and a few extra ideas on pinterest, where I have created a School Memories and Printables Board

And in case you think you are seeing double, you are not. I have written a post on School Memory Books for the past 2 years (here and here) as I always get questions about them so I know you enjoy hearing about them.

I would love to know what you use or have used to record school memories?

(side note: no company asked to be included on this list, they are just what I have found)

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