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My Menu Plan with Gluten Free Meal Ideas – 11th March 2013

March 12, 2013


I hope those of us that had a public holiday yesterday enjoyed  it. It was nice my end. Hot but nice. I am in for a super busy week so very simple meals own our menu plan.

Last Tuesday my oldest and I had our ‘date’ at the library, we browsed the shelves and found some great books. Amongst them was this book.

Cookbook for Girls


First off – Cookbook for Girls? Since when can’t boys cook? Anyway, I told Master 8 if he liked it he should borrow it and he asked me to put a few dishes on this weeks menu. Whom am I to argue? So a couple of recipes have come from this book – which by the way has nothing girly about it inside. It was published in 2009, no author as such.

Weekly Menu Plan

Monday – Baked Potatoes with various toppings

Tuesday – Gluten Free Pasta Bake

Wednesday – I am trying the Baked Falafel Recipe from Planning with Kids which looks gluten free as long as gluten free baking powder is used.

Thursday – Cream Cheese Burgers – recipe from Cookbook with Girls

Friday – Baked Eggs and Cheesy Potato Skins – both from Cookbook with Girls – both of these recipes look gluten free from the ingredients but as I don’t eat meat I will have Gluten Free Vegetarian Bean Burgers

Saturday – Pumpkin Soup and Toasted Sandwiches

Sunday – Simple Supper Night

I am linking with Org Junkie and Menu Plan Monday

Have a great week!

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