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Listmania: What’s Happening Now – A to Z Style

March 28, 2013

I am a few days late with Listmania this week but I thought I’d still do it because it’s fun and I missed last weeks.

This week’s Listmania is simply using the letters A through to Z and listing something happening now in your life. I just love this type of ones as it’s always so interesting to think about what you are doing as well as checking out what everyone else is up to.

What’s Happening Now – A to Z

Anniversary – it is my and my husband’s 10th Wedding Anniversary next year and while it often passes without too much fanfare, hubby feels that we deserve some time off and have an evening out.

nellbe blog

Blog – I am hoping to spend some time this weekend catching up on things so I am not running behind with posts again.

Conference – last week’s Digital Parents Conference is on my mind, what I learnt, what I need to implement and how to connect to those I met and would love to stay in touch with. Plus I also need to do a wrap up post about it!

Disneyland Book

Disneyland – we are going the end of July and we are looking forward it very much.

Ebookmy first ebook was released a few weeks ago and I still need to do a few more things to promote it

Family – it’s a long weekend coming up and I am longing for the chance to spend some time with my boys and hubby.

Gluten Free – surely the only thing for G is gluten free. I live it, eat it, share it and write about it.

Holiday – I have already mentioned Disneyland but I had to mention Holiday as well as it is getting a little closer and time to make sure we are getting organised for it.

Inspired is how I feel after the conference, specially the session Kate from Picklebums did. She did a session on Blog Design and inspired me to give it a go myself.

Typo Gift Card

Journals – I won a gift card from Typo and I cannot wait to buy some lovely new journals  and pens. You can never have too many in my opinion.

Kinder – my little one has enjoyed his first term at Little Kinder, I am so glad he has adjusted well to it.

Library – the thought of it being shut for 4 days over Easter made me panic so I went today to borrow many more books than I needed. But it’s all good as I feel much better now.


Missing – my laptop. It died on me last year and I miss having it to blog or write wherever/whenever I please instead of being tied to the desk fighting to use the pc.

Nutrition – I mentioned the other week I wanted to learn more about Nutrition so last week I signed up to do a short course for it! I am very excited and while the course is nothing too fancy I expect to learn heaps and it will point me in the right direction.

Organising – I need to get some organising done at home and I hope to get it started soon.

Patience – my youngest is becoming very demanding and I refuse to give into him. Because of this he is throwing the most outrageous and embarrassing tantrums. I remind myself I need to have more patience, he’ll understand soon enough and the phase will end. Please tell me I am right?

Quite – a lot of coffee. I need it. Enough said.

Reading – I cannot get enough of it at the moment, I just want to read everything from novels to blogs to ebooks.

School Holidays – they are upon us, we have a few things planned and also plan to have a couple of quiet days


Time – I want more of it!

Understanding – my darling 3 year old is chatting away alot these days, he is finding his voice. We do have some trouble understanding him sometimes, he can get frustrated with us if we don’t get him.

Very Puzzling – I find there are certain things at the back end (technical) of the blog very puzzling. Sometimes something doesn’t work after working for ages – like a plug in or email or contact form – all of a sudden it stops working. It’s such a brain strain trying to figure it out.

Diary of Wimpy Kid

Wimpy Kid – well it should be Diary of a Wimpy Kid, my 8 year old son is devouring the entire series at the moment and it gives me much joy to watch him enjoying reading – especially chapter books.

Cook books for kids

Xtra Cooking – totally cheating there for ‘X’ but we plan on doing lots of eXtra cooking these school holidays – we have gotten some great kids cookbooks out of the library and going to have some fun cooking up a storm.

Yay – it’s a long weekend!

Zzzz – I need some more of this even though I got some last week while away at the conference. My youngest being ill one night and not sleeping has just depleted my levels.

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  1. Mary Preston
    March 30, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    That’s a great list.

    I had to laugh because we stocked up at the library too. Books everywhere, but it’s so great to see the ENTIRE family reading.

    Have a safe & Happy Easter!!

    ( )_( )

  1. July 15, 2013 at 9:37 pm
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