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Listmania – Childhood Favourites

April 10, 2013

This week’s Listmania is about our Childhood Favourites.

Childhood Toys



I don’t have many toys left from my childhood but back then you didn’t have/need many it seemed. These were my favourite dolls and teddy. The ‘Baby Come Back’ doll was so cool as she walked all by herself! Such a big thing those days. The little doll on the end was my mums 🙂 I am lucky she kept this for me, only wish sometimes I had a daughter to pass it on to. Oh well, I will have to hope for a granddaughter one day.

Childhood Books

Childhood Books

When my mum went shopping she always bought me a Golden Book – I still have them all and many of them I fondly remember reading. A couple of them have the price still on them. 20 cents.  Crazy. I also loved these picture books. ‘Debbie’s Dream’ the one in front was one of my very favourites and the price on that is $1.89

Preteen BooksI also couldn’t resist sharing my favourite pre teen books, I loved them all and the Enid Blyton and Judy Blume ones are from the library as I got rid of my copies when I was a teenager and didn’t care 😦

Childhood Items

Jug and Dish

I love these items. The Tupperware jug was mum’s and it had our mixed up cordial in it which I think I remember was a treat back then? And the Noddy’s soft drinks in glass bottles – anyone else remember them?

The dish was my grandmothers and she won it playing bowls. Every year at Christmas she’d have it on the coffee table in the lounge with chocolate, peanuts and lollies. And every year I reminded everyone how much I loved it. Thankfully my mum remembered when it came to pack up their house and I was able to have it. Every year at Christmas it goes on my coffee table filled with chocolate, nuts and lollies.

Childhood Memories

I have a few special memories I would love to share. My love of cooking comes from my grandmother and my mum, I would spend hours watching them cook and I learnt how to cook this way. I shared a particular recipe my mum taught me to cook with Nicole and Planning With Kids in a guest post I wrote for her recently.

Even now mum and I share recipes, cookbooks and tips. We both had a steep learning curve when I was diagnosed as a coeliac but as we are both good cooks, we have overcome the challenge and now I share my successes with you 🙂

I also loved spending Saturdays at the VFL footy, then getting fish and chips for dinner. If my brother and I were good, we were allowed to get 20 cents worth of lollies and it was a bag full!

I remember spending part of my school holiday’s at my grandparents. It was such a special time I thought it was a treat for me. Now I am a parent I realise it was a treat for my parents too. I spent time with my grandmother cooking, playing games and pottering in the garden. I remember being allowed to have supper, a nice drink of Milo.

It’s nice remembering the good times and sharing them with loved ones when you can.

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Do you have a favourite childhood memory you would like to share?

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  1. April 10, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    You are so lucky you have one of your childhood things xx I remembered having golden books as well and bought my girls loads of them, especially second hand. I hope they save them to give to their own kids.

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