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Bit of an Update and The Week that Was

May 19, 2013

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting as much, a couple of weeks ago I hurt my back. Total surprise as usually when I have health issues they revolve around being a coeliac. It hurt quite a bit and as you can imagine I wasn’t able to do as much as I usually could.

Good news is that it is getting better which is a relief but I still need to be careful and as such sitting for long periods of time isn’t very good for me at the moment. I will get there but at least you know what’s going on in case you don’t hear from me quite as often.

I have some random photos taken the past couple of weeks for a wrap up of ‘The Week That Was’. So I hope you enjoy them.

Walking in School GateLove walking in the school gate in the morning, its like we have actually achieved something for the day, we managed to get up, fed, dressed and to school before the bell rings. It’s the little things!

Moccona Me Time PackI am signed up to a few research companies, (completely non related to being a blogger and a PR firm sending me goodies) I don’t do many of them anymore, due to the timing of things but I did say yes to the Moccona Coffee review, where I get to enjoy some of their flavoured coffees. The jury is still out on them, not too sure I am a fan. (Contagious Network is the one I am doing this through for those wondering)

Bloggers Brunch May 13Before I hurt my back I did go to a Bloggers Brunch, I hope to do a wrap up of this soon.

Boys Playing TogetherOne of my favourite things as a mum is when my 2 boys play well together, I can never resist getting a photo.

Green SmoothieI had taken to drinking green smoothies for breakfast, but my blender broke 😦 Now I have to get a new one before I can make them again and I miss having them.

Sunrise Sunrise2Even though it’s turned chilly around these parts, I spied a lovely sunrise outside my back windows one morning.

RainbowThen I spotted a rainbow a few days later!

Smashed Fridge DoorSay bye to my fridge. Walked towards it one day and the doors fell off right in front of me and smashed to the ground.The hinges snapped. It seems a strange thing to have happened but the fridge is 12 years old so it was getting on.

Lego Club CreationOnce a month our library hold a ‘Lego Club’ which my boys love going to. This is one of my 8 year olds creations, it’s a police helicopter.

GF Tom Savoury PieWith a broken fridge comes the use of a smaller one as we won’t buy a new one until we get back from our holiday (yes it’s that close!) so that means I started the using up of food before I planned to, this was one of my creations which is basically a Gluten Free Savoury Bread and Butter pudding and it was delish.

GF HoneycombIf you follow me on facebook you may have seen these already but I was delighted to find Choc Coated Honeycomb that is gluten free at Woolworths. $2.98 for a 400 gram bag.

And on that note, it’s time for me to sign off for now. Have a great week!

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  1. Mary Preston
    May 20, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    My fridge is getting on. Maybe I need to check the door. What a funny thing to happen. Not funny Ha Ha either.

    I’ll have to get my daughter some honeycomb.

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