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Listmania: The current A to Z of me

July 15, 2013 10 comments

This week’s Listmania prompt is to talk about the A to Z of you. In any way you like so I thought I would talk about the current A to Z of me.

We have done this prompt before but it was ages ago, back in March so it’s good to update this like this every now and then. And I’ll try not to make it all about my holiday…

Anticipation – It’s high in this house, anticipation for the weeks ahead – it’s all good though.

Big – Big cups of coffee, my daily fix.


Cottage By the Sea – My current read, it’s by Carole Matthews and I am loving it. It’s classic chick lit which is my favourite genre at the moment.


Dog – My oldest is asking and asking for a dog. We lost our last puppy dog a few years ago and we all still miss him. We will get another one some day but dog ownership is a big responsibility, most of which will fall to me and I am not quite ready yet. This photo is of my oldest when he was 3 giving our late puppy dog a hug.

Excited – We are all very excited in our house. America next week!

Family time – just love it

Gluten Free  – A cheeky reminder about my Gluten Free Kids ebook.

Health – we are all healthy at the moment and for that I am extremely grateful.

Itinerary  – I have being having fun creating ours for the trip

Jammy’s  – I am loving popping my PJ’s straight after dinner these days – so comfy.

Kindergarten – I have to do the enrolment forms for my youngest this week for kinder next year (pre school in many states). Hard to believe he is ready for kinder.

List – My life is consumed with lists at the moment so I don’t forget anything

Musicals – Do you like them? I admit I do and I saw Legally Blonde a few weeks ago with my girlfriends, it was a great kids free day out. I am hoping we can do it again soon.

Hot Choccy

New York City – what more can I say?

Organised? Not yet but soon hopefully!

Plug – A shameless plug about my current giveaway – 2 lots of family passes for Melbourne families to see Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mystery in September. I am quite looking forward to it myself.

Quiet – I am looking forward to a little bit of peace and quiet this week with school and Little Kinder being back – those 90 minutes I get to myself are precious!

Report – My oldest got his mid year school report and it was excellent. So very proud of him.

Shower – I am going to my husband’s niece’s baby shower this week. (Hubby was an uncle at a very young age) and I am looking forward to seeing her and the family and spending some happy times with them.

Plane at Gate

Travel – It’s hard to believe that we waited so long to do any travel. I think my hubby and I have got the bug for sure.

Unique opportunities – that’s something about being a blogger, it can bring some pretty cool opportunities my way

Very proud – My husband is being promoted in 5 weeks and I am so very proud of him. He has worked hard and is reaping the rewards now.

Weather – as I live in Melbourne it is just cold. Sooo looking forward to summer days for a few weeks

Xtra sleep – I hope I can get some in soon. Every time I get to bed early, I get interrupted mid sleep.

You Tube – We have been watching lots of You Tube lately, checking out Disneyland’s rides so we can prepare the kids for what they are like. It’s been fun.

Zoom – That’s what this year has been like – zooming by fast.

I have almost finished my current read, would love a recommendation for a holiday read?

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Listmania – Favourite Movies For A Rainy Day

July 1, 2013 4 comments

There is really nothing better than a movie on a rainy day. This week the Listmania prompt is listing your favourite movies to watch on a rainy day and is being guest hosted at  Rachael’s blog – Hopeful Rae of Sunshine

Here is my list of Favourite Movies:

Pride and Prejudice – BBC Version

Pride and Prejudice

As there are lots of different productions of Pride and Prejudice, it’s important to note which one is my favourite. I cannot stand the other ones, they are just not the same. They don’t have Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and no one can do Mr Darcy like Colin Firth.

I have always loved this book and one of my oldest and closest friends introduced me to this version many years ago, we’d come home from uni with fish and chips or coffee and chocolate (or both!) pop it into the VCR and enjoy. Great memories and I still watch this at least once a month or two. I am not kidding. It doesn’t even have to be raining!

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary

I love this book too and the movie didn’t disappoint. Oh look, who do we have here? Colin Firth again… hmmm…

Such a funny movie that makes me laugh out loud every single time, perfect for a rainy night (as the kids shouldn’t be around for this one)

Notting Hill

Notting Hill

This is a funny movie, and ‘Spike’ (played by Rhys Ifans) is the funniest character I’ve seen in a movie for ages. Great feel good movie but again it’s one for the adults only.

You’ve Got Mail

You've Got Mail

This movie about books set in New York City? No brainer really. Another feel good movie perfect for those cloudy days.

And a special honorable mention has to go to…

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

They get a special honorable mention as Gilmore Girls is a TV series, not a movie but I don’t think that matters. I love this series and have watched it many times. So funny and  lots of feel good moments.

What is your favourite movie to watch on a rainy day?

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Listmania: My Ideal Day

June 17, 2013 10 comments

This weeks prompt with Listmania over at Home Life Simplified is to describe my ideal day. Gosh I could have a lot of fun with this one.

For example: if it was a fantasy day then it would have to be one where I could eat whatever I wanted with no consequence. Or get lots of money somehow. Or have the world’s biggest sleep in.

But then I thought about our upcoming holiday and realised that I will most likely be having my ideal day/s very soon.

Some holiday’s are just stuff you do at home except in a different location. Our American holiday last year wasn’t. Sure we did a little grocery shopping and laundry but to me that was fun. Because we were in New York City doing it!

This year, in 5 short weeks in fact, we will be heading back to America for a holiday and my ideal day/s will happen.

Fun with my 2 boys and hubby in Disneyland and then in New York City.

I cannot think of anything better.

Top of the Rock

Admiring the view from ‘Top of the Rock’. See the Empire State Building in the background there?

UWS walking

Walking the streets of Upper West Side. Love the brownstones.

walking central park

Walking in Central Park

Listmania: Day In My Life 31st May 2013

June 4, 2013 14 comments

I am back on the Listmania bandwagon this week, which happens to be ‘Day In Your Life’. This has been done already earlier this year but it’s good to do it again every few months. My last one was February 12th 2013. This is was last Friday 31st May 2013.


A good start to the day, I forgot I was going to do it despite being up for an hour before I took this screen shot.


So it’s coffee time, need this.

Disney Countdown

A quick check of the USA countdown, it’s getting closer…yay!


Both boys are up at 6.15  – I know insane right? My eldest hates the thought of sleeping in and being late for school so he is always up early. I make his lunch (I don’t mind doing it actually) and realise for the 2nd second time ever since making his lunches that we have no bread. On today the day I choose to document. Oh well it’s real life isn’t it?

Canteen Menu

So he checks out the canteen menu and decides on Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwiches. He takes snacks from home.

HomeworkBig boy is finished breakfast, brushed teeth and dressed. He checks his homework which is due today.

Reading OctonautsLittle boy has had breakfast but he is dragging his feet on getting dressed…. reading Octonauts book is more important…

Drawing a Banana… and drawing a banana…

Reading and big boy moves onto reading

Dricks and Snack BagI get snacks and drinks ready for my youngest and I. We are off grocery shopping after school drop off. A bag of snacks is a huge help in making the grocery shopping an easier task.

Off to Schoolbut I get youngest little man into gear and we are off to school in no time. Nice and sunny despite it having rain overnight.

Shopping CentreWe park the car and off to Aldi first

Aldi ChocolateWe spot new chocolate at Aldi, they seem to be gluten free by ingredient so of course I had to buy one of each flavour, I am yet to try them but hope they’ll be ok.

Aldi ShoppingAldi shopping done..pop them into the car and into Woolworths

Woolies ShoppingThen a load from Woolies (whoops forgot the extra green shopping bags)

ScannerBack home and I bring the groceries in and scan them then put them away. I do scan my groceries for Nielsen Homescan. I don’t mind doing it, have done for 4 years now and I have redeem lots points earned for $$. Another advantage is that I get to know the prices. You wouldn’t believe how many things at all 3 supermarkets (Coles, Woolies and Aldi) that have gone up, down, up, down and up again.

Laundry on lineI get a load of washing on the line

Vegemite ToastLunch for the youngster – classic vegemite on toast as per his request

Tomato on VineThen my turn for lunch – I love truss tomatoes, so yummy

Tomato and CheeseI had them on gluten free bread with cheese and toasted under the grill – yum

Libby VlogFinally time to sit down and have lunch. Watching Libby’s adventures in Germany on You Tube. I never realised Germany was so beautiful.

Words with Friends

Youngest climbs up next to me, helps me eat the rest of my lunch and helps me play Word with Friends. He names all the letters and we have fun sounding out the words.

Legally BlondeI also sneak a look at the Legally Blonde website, friends and I are playing a Ladies Day Out to see it since it’s come to Melbourne.

School Pick UpTime for school pick up and look at those clouds. Must get the washing in when we get back.


Still able to have a play on the school playground while waiting for the bell. Youngest loves coming to school to pick up his older brother, gives him a big hug when he sees him. So good to see.

Washing in BasketBack home and got the washing in!

Ducks on MickeyBoys get some screen time – Mickey Mouse is the choice.

Rain ComingFriday night is Auskick night. Looking at the rain radar map it is not looking good for a rain free night. The boys have an early dinner regardless in preparation. Normally we all eat together.

Dark CloudsThe clouds don’t look too dark but on an hour the heaven’s open and it pours down. Hubby and I make the executive decision not to go to Auskick. Yes we know footy is a winter sport but our oldest is asthmatic and has had a rough couple of nights previous so to keep him healthy we decide to keep him warm and dry.

pc screenWhen I finally get a chance to sit down and do some blog work. This happens. A frustrating hour later and its still down.

Watching Mad MenI give up and watch some Mad Men. Great show.


The internet comes back up (we think it was the service provider) and I am too tired to do any blog work so Pinterest wins out.

Disneyland Menus

and perusing the Disneyland Menus on Hoping to whittle down where we can eat at Disneyland instead of wandering the park wasting time lining up and not having any luck on the gluten free front. Got a few options it seems which is great. Having fun researching it though.

Hope you liked my ‘Day in the Life’

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Listmania – Currently I Am…

April 29, 2013 6 comments

Pretty Flowers

Hello! I haven’t been about to post in over a week – did you miss me? I haven’t been well and needed the time away from the computer to try and get better. Not 100% but almost there.

I thought there no better way to get back into things than with a Listmania post. This week marks the 3 month mark since Deb from Home Life Simplified kicked the Listmania linky off so we are doing an current ‘Currently I Am…’

Currently I Am

Reading:Blog Inc‘ by Jo Cho – pretty self explanatory, I love reading how other bloggers think and always learn something.

Listening to: My gorgeous 3 year old saying ‘Good Night Mummy’ he is off to read books before bed with Daddy.

Laughing at: Shaun the Sheep – you may have seen this show on ABC2 for Kids if you have children, I swear it is so funny. Love kids shows that have humour for adults.

Swooning over: Mad Men back on the TV for Season 6. Such a great show!

Planning: our American holiday! Yay!

Eating lots of: Cobani Greek Yoghurt, I love the stuff, so yummy and the plain is 0% fat, just so good.

Feeling: a little worn out.

Discovering: so much while reading for my Nutrition course, it is amazing the things I have learned already

Looking at: my very sad excuse of a winter wardrobe, I have to go shopping  stat!

Wearing: my beautiful new scarf my friend knitted me for my birthday, which was in December but it’s just chilly enough now to start wearing it.

Cooking: not enough! I miss cooking and need to get into again. I have bought some Chia seeds so hoping to cook some yummy things with them.

Wondering: if my darling 3 year old will cry tomorrow at 3 year old kinder drop off, he has the past 2 weeks and it just breaks my heart. He does get over it but its still upsetting.

Trying out: a new work schedule for me. It always seems to be an evolving entity.

Linking up with Listmania

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Listmania – Childhood Favourites

April 10, 2013 1 comment

This week’s Listmania is about our Childhood Favourites.

Childhood Toys



I don’t have many toys left from my childhood but back then you didn’t have/need many it seemed. These were my favourite dolls and teddy. The ‘Baby Come Back’ doll was so cool as she walked all by herself! Such a big thing those days. The little doll on the end was my mums 🙂 I am lucky she kept this for me, only wish sometimes I had a daughter to pass it on to. Oh well, I will have to hope for a granddaughter one day.

Childhood Books

Childhood Books

When my mum went shopping she always bought me a Golden Book – I still have them all and many of them I fondly remember reading. A couple of them have the price still on them. 20 cents.  Crazy. I also loved these picture books. ‘Debbie’s Dream’ the one in front was one of my very favourites and the price on that is $1.89

Preteen BooksI also couldn’t resist sharing my favourite pre teen books, I loved them all and the Enid Blyton and Judy Blume ones are from the library as I got rid of my copies when I was a teenager and didn’t care 😦

Childhood Items

Jug and Dish

I love these items. The Tupperware jug was mum’s and it had our mixed up cordial in it which I think I remember was a treat back then? And the Noddy’s soft drinks in glass bottles – anyone else remember them?

The dish was my grandmothers and she won it playing bowls. Every year at Christmas she’d have it on the coffee table in the lounge with chocolate, peanuts and lollies. And every year I reminded everyone how much I loved it. Thankfully my mum remembered when it came to pack up their house and I was able to have it. Every year at Christmas it goes on my coffee table filled with chocolate, nuts and lollies.

Childhood Memories

I have a few special memories I would love to share. My love of cooking comes from my grandmother and my mum, I would spend hours watching them cook and I learnt how to cook this way. I shared a particular recipe my mum taught me to cook with Nicole and Planning With Kids in a guest post I wrote for her recently.

Even now mum and I share recipes, cookbooks and tips. We both had a steep learning curve when I was diagnosed as a coeliac but as we are both good cooks, we have overcome the challenge and now I share my successes with you 🙂

I also loved spending Saturdays at the VFL footy, then getting fish and chips for dinner. If my brother and I were good, we were allowed to get 20 cents worth of lollies and it was a bag full!

I remember spending part of my school holiday’s at my grandparents. It was such a special time I thought it was a treat for me. Now I am a parent I realise it was a treat for my parents too. I spent time with my grandmother cooking, playing games and pottering in the garden. I remember being allowed to have supper, a nice drink of Milo.

It’s nice remembering the good times and sharing them with loved ones when you can.

Linking up with Home Life Simplified and Listmania.

Do you have a favourite childhood memory you would like to share?

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Listmania: Books

April 7, 2013 4 comments

I am so late with this week’s Listmania, I have had a few health issues and haven’t been able to sit at the computer except to send a few urgent emails. I really wanted to do this Listmania though as it’s about one of my favourite things – books!

I would love a bookshelf wall but alas I don’t so I thought I’d share the places where our books are at the moment.

Book Shelf EntryBookshelf in the entry way

Book Shelf LoungeBook Shelf in the Lounge Room

Book Shelf Oldest SonOldest son’s book shelf – as you can see, not that many, he recently had a clean out and gave all his ‘kiddy’ books to his younger brother. Lots of potential for growth here though.

Book Shelf StudyBook Shelf in the Study

Book Shelf Youngest SonYoungest Son’s Book Shelf

Library StackOldest son’s current library stack – we all love the library, it’s one of our favourite places to go.

Recipe Books1/10 of my recipe books – the others are too disorganised to share

To read stackI am in a bit of a chick lit phase at the moment, although I love many genres, this is my current to read stack although I have now read 2 of these book and am on my 3rd already

Reading Youngest

This is my youngest’s books he reads at night before bed. Every single night he gets read too and it’s always 3 books. Two of them are changed on a weekly basis from the library and the other one, ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ is the constant, his very favourite book and must be read last.

iPad Screen

I also have books electronically through a kindle app on my iPad, computer and smart phone and they all sync so you can pick up where you left off from your phone on your iPad. So clever and it means I am never without something to read.

Kindle Screen

Some of the ebooks I have.

As you can see we have plenty of books and whenever we go to the doctors or somewhere we have to wait a long time, I take books for me and the boys. Whipping out the phone or iPod is easy but books are more fun I think and just as easy.

And now for my favourite:

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice. I have read this many many times and the book is way better than any of the movies although the BBC Production is a good production.

and my sentimental favourite is:

Little Womenas this was my grandmothers when she was a little girl, I am very lucky to own a few of her childhood books. I am not sure what year this is but another book had 1929 written in it. I have another copy of Little Women that I used to read from as this one is too precious plus it’s at the stage where the pages are starting to fall out.

And that’s it from me, for now about books but I really could talk about them forever!

Linking up with Listmania.


Do you love books? If so I would love it if you shared your favourite!

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